Optima Launches High-Performance, Pre-Silicon Semiconductor Security Verification Solution

NAZARETH, ISRAEL, June 30, 2022 — Optima Design Automation, a leader in next-generation functional safety and IC-security verification, today announced its new hardware security verification solution, Optima-SEC™. Optima-SEC™ enables the high-performance pre-silicon verification of fault injection attacks and certifies the counter-measures adopted against such attacks that target the extraction of secret information from semiconductors leveraging side-channel effects. Optima-SEC™ to be showcased at the Design Automation Conference (DAC59 – 2022).

Optima-SEC™ is a next-generation platform for IC-Security countermeasure verification and vulnerability analysis. With Optima-SEC™, security verification is highly automated and accelerated during silicon development prior to fabrication. Today most security verification is performed after silicon fabrication,  late in the semiconductor design cycle, which results in low visibility and high-costs for correcting vulnerabilities. Read more