Application Engineer, Functional Safety and Security, ASIC Design and Verification

Job ID: #20NZSHW78

Job Description:

As Application Engineer to work with Optima’s customers on deploying and implementing Functional Safety and Security methodologies for their automotive semiconductors chips using Optima’s Safety Platform, OSP.

As part of your responsibilities, you will be working on the development of cutting edge Functional Safety and chip-security methodologies, flows and tools and deploying it at our customer’s sites. This means that you will develop ASIC design flows for two of the most cutting-edge needs for modern chips, specifically, for autonomous-driving.

The job includes some level of travel (with the absence of COVID-19 restrictions) to Europe, USA and potentially China, to work with Optima’s customers, partners and remote employees.


  • BSc. in EE/CS or equivalent from a well-known academic institute
  • At least 2-9 years of experience in ASIC design flows (front-end, back-end, synthesis, DFT, verification)
  • Hands-on experience in Verilog and/or VHDL is a must.
  • High-level English language, written and oral
  • Good communication skills
  • Open-minded and good team player in brain-storming sessions
  • Innovative with the ability to create new algorithms and patents


  • Experience in both Design and Verification
  • A.I experience or knowledge
  • Experience in Functional Safety
  • Experience in chip-security
  • Living abroad experience
  • Experience in creating and writing patents
  • Over 5 years of industry experience (title will change)

Employment Type: Full Time.