EETimes: “Cadence Breaks Down Automotive ISO 26262”

In this interview, John Brennan, product management director at Cadence, discusses with Junko Yoshida, EE Time Chief International Correspondent, the importance of ISO-26262 for the Automotive semiconductor industry and Cadence’s strategy in it.


Here are a few quotes from the interview:

Q: What’s the ISO 26262 for?
A: The standard is to ensure safe operation and functional safety in automotive electrical and electronics systems. For OEMs, Tier 1’s and Tier 2’s, the integrity of overall design is critical. ISO 26262 gives a unifying safety standard for all automotive electrical and electronics systems.

 Q: How do you do negative testing?
A: We inject faults into a circuit to see what happens. It helps with functional safety testing and design verification.

 Q: You couldn’t possibly cover all the failure modes. How do you know that you are injecting the faults that need testing?
A: We pay attention to brand new designs, and safety critical ones. We use software analysis tools. And this needs to get done throughout the design process.

 Q: Do you think if ISO 26262 existed when Toyota was designing cars that got later blamed for sudden unintended acceleration, do you think they could have avoided the design failure?
A: Judging from some of the documents we’ve seen in conferences, had they followed the procedure [rigorous design process prescribed by ISO 26262], the failure would have been mitigated.

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