Automotive Functional Safety

Automotive Semiconductors Functional Safety and ISO-26262 solutions
Complete solution to achieve ASIL-C and ASIL-D on your most complex chip
Industry’s Fastest Fault Simulator; over 100,000X faster than existing RTL simulation
Automatic conversion of regular IP into automotive ASIL-D IP

Market Challenge and Opportunity

Autonomous-driving is changing the car into supercomputer on wheels, with tens of electronic chips working together in harmony to drive the car. This has triggered a vast expansion in the automotive-semiconductor market, with many chip and IP vendors fighting to capture a sizable share of this hot market.
Functional Safety is a main challenge chip-designers need to overcome to enter automotive semiconductor market, as these chips need to meet the requirements of ISO-26262, to be used in a cars. However, existing market tools are too slow and not adequate, preventing chip-designers from achieving ASIL-C and ASIL-D.
Optima is changing that, with a set of tools, methodologies and services to help chip-designer achieve ASIL-D on their biggest, most complex and hairiest chips and IPs.



Soft error mitigation

Towards higher ASIL levels

Lower time-to-market
Reduction in chip area and power consumption
Reduction in engineering effort


Hard Error Coverage

Hard Error Coverage

Tightly coupled with fault simulation


Automatic insertion of Safety-BIST

Auto conversion into ASIL-D

The only solution for ASIL-D
On the-fly safety mechanism
For both Soft-Error and Hard-Error
Automatic insertion

Perspectives and News


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Safety Automation goes beyond Automotive

While today we are focused on automotive and ISO-26262,
our products and technologies are needed in all Safety-Critical segments:

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